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Terms & Conditions

Stanhope Prime Resources Inc's terms and conditions comprehensively outline the guidelines and agreements that govern transactions, ensuring transparency, fairness, and a clear understanding of the rights and responsibilities for both the company and its valued customers.

Customer Care

Stanhope Prime Resources Inc is committed to delivering exceptional customer care services, providing timely assistance, resolving inquiries, and ensuring a positive and personalized experience for all customers.

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Privacy & Safety

Ensuring the utmost privacy and safety of customer information is a top priority for Stanhope Prime Resources Inc, with robust security measures in place to safeguard sensitive data and maintain a trusted and secure online environment.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Stanhope Prime Resources Inc conveniently accepts payment through online bank transfers as well as offline payments in cash, offering customers flexibility and ease of transaction.

  • Online Bank Transfer

  • - Proof of Payment needs to send on our email together with you Purchase Order

  • Offline Payments

Pay us via bank trasnfer
Pay us via bank trasnfer

Stanhope Prime Resources Inc is dedicated to addressing all wholesale inquiries from customers with professionalism and expertise, offering comprehensive information and assistance to meet their specific needs.

All Regularly Discussed Topics listed on FAQ.

Stanhope Prime Resources Inc's FAQ section provides comprehensive answers to a range of commonly asked questions, offering valuable insights and information to assist customers in making informed decisions and resolving inquiries effectively.

Trade Partner Interests

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